About Us

Immanuel & U

Immanuel & U is a one stop solution to your Career Education, Work life with their presence in Kolkata, Bangalore & the Capital.

I&U was founded by passion driven professionals and artists who come together to provide the best in service to our customers, to help make their dreams a reality in the fields of education and employment

Founded in 2019 the organization is driven and managed with integrity, transparency by the people, for the people.
To further break it down, I&U has two main verticals:

1. Career Education & Immigration Services
2. Job Placements

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission : To be the preferred choice for both clients and end consumers by delivering superior services and education, through and to the choicest of manpower in the country

Vision : Nurturing dreams of higher education and work life, bringing those dreams to life

Goals : To provide the best in Education & Employment to 100% of our interested clients across the available geographies